Sustainability at Rusticabby



Sustainability at Rusticabby

Sustainability has been a focus for Rusticabby since I started in 2019. It began by ensuring all the raw materials are responsibly sourced, and as I’ve grown so has my commitment to sustainability.

I continually look at how I operate and whether I can improve. 







Handcrafting solid wood furniture everyday, I'm only too aware of the responsibility and the potential environmental impact if the timbers are not sustainably sourced. 

The beautiful timbers used are grown in sustainably managed forests that have certifications from the FSC and PEFC governing bodies. 

FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council, and the PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. Both are international, non-profit, non-governmental organisations which promote sustainable forest management. 

As a furniture manufacturer and retailer I work with suppliers to ensure the timbers have the appropriate certifications, and that I am responsibly sourcing timbers from well-managed forests.


Recyclable Packaging Recycle Packaging At Local Waste Recycling Centre



As an online retailer I do have to send furniture and accessories to customers. This of course requires packaging to ensure they’re not damaged on their way to you.

At the moment I use a combination of cardboard, plastic film and bubble wrap. 

The bubble wrap is made from 30% recycled material and is also 100% recyclable.

Cardboard, bubble wrap and plastic wrapping are widely recycled, either as part of your household waste collections or at local waste recycling centres. You can find your nearest location by visiting Recycle Now.

What I do – I am always looking into ways to both reduce the amount of packaging used, and at alternatives.

What you can do – If you receive an order, please do take your packaging to be recycled.

We Reuse As Much As We Can In The Manufacturing Process We Reduce Our Waste Products We recycle materials to use as packaging


By its very nature, the manufacturing of solid wood furniture creates waste materials. However, I strive to reduce waste across my business. It’s an on-going process, but here are just a few of the ways that I am diverting waste products from landfill.

Sawdust - All the sawdust is re-used. Making solid wood furniture and shelves from timbers does create sawdust. All sawdust is collected through extraction units, generating approximately, twelve bags of sawdust each week, amounting to 12,000 litres. It's then packaged up and distributed to local stables where it is used as bedding for horses, among other re-uses.

Wood Off-cuts – Through both the design and manufacture processes, I ensure that wood waste is kept to an absolute minimum. All off-cuts are either reused for smaller products, or are used as fuel in a clean-fuel furnace to heat the workshop. 

Cardboard – any cardboard packaging in received deliveries gets re-used on site. I’ve have purchased a cardboard shredder that creates a packing material that is now use to wrap and pack smaller items ready for dispatch.